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Stunt Reel 2014



Edited by Mario Perez


Clips from various projects I've been blessed to be hired to work on.


Special ID Ep 2 (Donnie Yen Inspired)



Starring Tony Chu and Tamiko Brownlee

Directed and Edited by Vlad Rimburg

Fight Choreography by Vlad Rimburg and Tony Chu


Episode 2 of the Special ID series. - Human (Tony Chu) fights against a demon (Tamiko Brownlee). The human attacks with full speed, knowing that demons are much stronger, but does he have what it takes win the fight?




Starring Vijay Chandrasekhar, Elisabeth Carpenter and Tamiko Brownlee

Filmed in Chennai, India


A multinational company tries to forcefully take over a village that was once a fertile agricultural land to make way for its commercial projects. Jeevanantham, a Hydrology Grad and probably the most educated person in the village, takes the fight to the MNC and vows to reclaim what's their own. Does he deliver on his promise? Do his efforts bear fruit? - The answers form the crux of this sensitive-issue themed flick.


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Tamiko vs Natalie



Starring Natalie Padilla and Tamiko Brownlee

Directed, Edited and Fight Choreography by Aaron Toney

Special Thanks to Emmanuel Manzanares


Tamiko and Natalie square off for one more round.

Stunt Reel



Edited by Vlad Rimburg --  (


Some of the awesome, hard hitting stunts and fights throughout the years.

Arrow: Superhero Fight Club (promo)



The CW promo, "Superhero Fight Club" featuring:  Arrow, Flash, Dark Archer, Arsenal, Reverse Flash, Black Canary, Ra's al Ghul.

Fight Coordinators:  James Bamford and Larnell Stovall

doubling -- Black Canary


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